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Every day millions of people in Israel and the Palestinian territories go without running water, electricity, or both. Many are impoverished families with small children living in cities as well known as Bethlehem. Some are poor farmers in cooperative areas where Israelis and Palestinians live and work side-by-side, helping one another. All their lives are compounded by the worst drought in modern history.

Your gift can bring lifesaving water to families, children, hospitals, orphanages, and farmers. Our Water From The Air project not only makes it possible to create water from the humidity in the atmosphere but to do so with solar power that adds no burden to already struggling families.

For a gift of only $20 you can provide one glass of water per day, every day, to a child for the rest of their life.

Donate Online

Use our secure online donation processing system to give your gift via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You can make one-time gifts or recurring donations.

Give Over The Phone

Call us at 800-441-1647 at any time to give over the phone and to have any questions answered.

Mail A Check

Please make checks payable to Island of Peace and mail to the address below.

Islands Of Peace
P.O. BOX 2297
Hicksville, NY 11802

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